This is the Statt Mann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

Toyota’s one-two finish at Atlanta today is the first time in more than fifty years that a foreign based automaker had its car driven into victory lane at a top-level NASCAR race. 

It’s certain it won’t be the last this year, though. Imagine how far Toyota has come since last year’s embarrassment at the Daytona 500 where its top level team was penalized for irregularities in the fuel system of its Toyota Camry Cup car.

In the off season Toyota added Joe Gibbs Racing to its stable and the rest will become history.  Kyle Busch won today followed by Tony Stewart.  Expect those two to have similar success as the year goes along.

Sadly, though, Toyota’s success today in Atlanta won’t get the same headlines as Tony Stewart’s anti-Goodyear rant at race’s end.

Obviously I don’t know how good or bad the tires were this weekend.  But I did see drivers struggle all the way to the Checkered Flag.

Tony will be fined for what he said but I don’t think he cares.  If he felt out of control on the Goodyears, he should speak out to get someone’s attention.  Sponsor respect and safety shouldn’t be mutually exclusive concepts.  And, if no one will listen behind closed doors, take it to the cameras and microphones!!

It’s just sad that someone somewhere apparently is willing to put driver safety at risk if, indeed, that’s what’s happening.

Let’s hope someone will listen to Tony instead of just fining him to get him to shut up.