This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

The most beautiful thing about athletic competition is the competition itself.

We loved it when the Golden State Warriors dominated the NBA on their way to a title this year.

The same for the New England Patriots who fought back from more than 20 points down to win the Super Bowl last February.
This weekend at Le Mans the winning Porsche team spent nearly an hour in the pits fixing a problem before it battled back to victory.

The battle in GTE Pro came down to the last lap in a 24 hour race when an Aston Martin passed a Corvette for the class win.
Jackie Chan
But the real story of competition came from the Jackie Chan DC Racing team owned by martial arts film star Jackie Chan. One of those know nothing Hollywood types, right?

There were two team cars. One finished second, The other was fourth. Two cars owned by a film star in the top four ahead of all that factory money.

Isn’t competition wonderful?!