Editor's Note: We got several more letters during the week on the issue of NASCAR racing outside the U.S.  Below are two examples.

Should NASCAR go international? Why not? There aren't too many international venues that the U.S. can compete in without calling in the Marines, so this would be an opportunity to spread a little of that American Culture to other parts of the world.

It would certainly fit into the long range plans of the Corporate Conglomerate that actually runs the planet.  Let anyone that can pass tech play. Cup cars are much cheaper than say, Formula 1 cars, so it would offer a wider player and fan base for emerging teams and sites. When you pass tech, you get to play, cars and tracks alike. 

Run the points regionally on the "regular season," then have a Super Bowl All Stars race on New Year's Day for the International championship.  Huge coverage, massive advertizing potential, something other than football to watch, everyone wins. How can this be a Bad Thing?

R.D. Tucker

Hey Speedfreaks,

Well, it seems we the members of the NASCAR nation have spoken.

We want our True American Sport to stay All American! After voting in this week's poll I was not surprised that already 73% of you agreed with me.  Now some have called us close-minded for this, I say so be it! After all it is called the National Association of Stock Car Automomobile Racing.  For those not sure what National means, I looked it up for you in the Macmillan dictionary:
National-1. Of, belonging to, involving, or affecting a nation as a whole.  2. characteristic of or peculiar to a particular nation.  3. Established or maintained by a central goverment. -noun; one who is a member of a nation and is entitled to it's protection.
And that is what we are doing, protecting our sport, NASCAR. This sport was born of running moonshine, not international spys.  If NASCAR does feel the need to go outside of the United States then I agree, let it be to Canada.  Canada has a good NASCAR fan base, and they travel a long way to it's venues.  They already have a similar sport there called CASCAR.  I have watched some of these races, they are pretty cool.

I believe that had there not been Mexican nationals in the Busch race, and had ticket prices been what they are here in the US., then the stands would have been sparsely filled in Mexico. One would think that in weighing the options, that to stay in a country that has supported this sport since 1949, would make more sense then turning your back on them, and getting money hungry. If the sport we love goes international, and we the American fans stop buying the sponsors products because we no longer have access to the sport, NASCAR employees may end up like Enron employees, working in a fast food restaurant.

We the NASCAR nation support this sport by buying the products of NASCAR and all the sponsors, teams, etc.  All we are asking is that NASCAR considers those fans who continually support the sport by attendance (200,000 here in the first Texas race), by those who purchase the authentic NASCAR and team's products. Those who support and give to it's charities.  Pride is pride, And we are prideful about this Sport! So to those who call us close-minded, I say let them eat cake!

I quote myself in saying: This is our sport. This is our deal! This is the way that we feel!
I remind all that NASCAR day is coming fast, May 20th! get your official pins now and continue to support this sport and it's charities!

Thank you,
Poet K. A. Steffek
Author of:"Poetry in Fast Motion"