This is the Stattmann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

Everyone knows the hyper-sound bite John Force, the Funny Car driver who said he saw Elvis during a violent crash several years ago.

But from Alabama comes word that a crew man on the Kodak Nextel Cup car had a close encounter with John while standing at the front desk of a Talladega hotel.

John was in Alabama to take part in a Motor Sports Hall of Fame dinner.  He was the featured speaker.

But there was no room in the inn even for John to buy an hour for a shower.

That’s where the crewman, Jeremy Adams, persuaded John to take HIS room to get ready for the banquet.

Jump ahead, now, to when John was finished and offered Jeremy some money for the inconvenience.  When Jeremy refused, John almost demanded he take the money and Jeremy said he’d share it with his fellow crew members later in the weekend at dinner.

That’s the John Force the Freaks know; the Mayor of The Freak Nation.

It's also two guys in racing and, after Thursday night, now they’re fellow members of racing’s Hall of Fame.