This is the Statt Mann  Baby.  Time to Scatt a little bit.

RaceTeamAllianceWe all remember the Race Team Alliance announced sixteen months ago.  Eighteen team owners organized to create better business alliances with NASCAR.

Many observers believed the number one thing on the agenda would be a franchise model where the teams could create value in their Sprint Cup participation.

Until now, when a team stopped, the only value was in the worn out equipment and any real estate owned by the operation.
Well last week there came word that talks have been underway behind closed doors.  Those talks have centered around a charter program where the charters would generate value for the people who own then.

The talk now is to have 36 charters that would guarantee spots in a forty car field.  That’s down from the current 43.

Teams that have competed full-time since 2013 would be eligible for a charter.  And this is the key, If a team owner decides to bail, he or she can sell the charters to the next person in line.  We may see this system as early as next year.

It sounds like Roger Penske got a cold and NASCAR sneezed.