This is the Stattmann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

Here’s more proof that motor racing’s a small world.

Look at the Grand American Daytona Prototype team made up of Actor Paul Newman – the Newman in Newman-Haas, the ChampCar team – his friend Michael Brockman, current ChampCar title winner Sebastian Bourdais and former CART king Cristiano da Matta.

They’ll all be in a Crawford Ford next weekend at the Rolex 24.

It was Bourdais who was hired at Newman-Haas two years ago when da Matta left for F1.

Now da Matta is out of F1 and back home in Brazil waiting to return to ChampCar in 2005.  That may become reality next week when PKV Racing announces a new driver.

The “K” in PKV is Kevin Kalkhoven, one of the money men who stepped up to save CART a year ago when CART was swirling down the drain.

Some think Kalkhoven’s new driver will be Cristiano da Matta, the man who’s driving with his old boss next weekend in Daytona, the same old boss who’s thrown all of his considerable prestige behind the efforts of Kalkhoven and the others who worked their butts off to save ChampCar last year.

Who said motor racing was no longer a community!