(Editor's note:  We received lots of reaction from our poll question on the IRL and F1.  This one from Mark Mendoza is an example.)

You guys are talking at of your asses. Try basing your opinions on facts rather than the crap that drums around in your heads and drips from your tongues. 
Formula 1 is better. The reasoning for this opinion is as follows. Back in the 80s or early 90s (I forget which) there was a certain Formula 1 driver that came to America to race Indy Cars. He raced for Newman Haas and was the current F1 champion. Do you recall what happened. He won 7 races and took the CHAMP CAR championship doing well on ovals and road courses. His name was Nigel Mansell, look it up. Who else came in to American open wheel racing in his rookie year being groomed as a F1 racer for Williams and dominated the CHAMP car series driving for Chip Ganassi? Why wasn't that Juan Montoya, who has won races now in Formula 1 but does not nearly dominate as he did in America.

Now lets reverse the flow. Who won championships in America, but couldn't get his car off the starting line in Formula 1. When he drove for Formula 1 he couldn't even finish a race let alone drive the car. Yep it was the son of Mario, Michael Andretti, and he was racing for one of the best teams in Formula 1. Who else have we sent to Formula one as Champions of American open wheel racing and yet seem like children compared to the veterans of Formula 1? Let me name two, Alex Zanardi, and Chistiano Da Matta. The talent, technology and popularity I might add lays in with Formula 1.

Who in Europe, Asia, and the other continents gives a rats ass about IRL or American open wheel racing. Just because "America" doesn't watch F1 as much as they follow NASCAR doesn't mean we are right. America is one country. Even though we are the last remaining super military power in the world, we don't control the opinions of the rest of the world which I might add thinks American racing is nothing compared to Formula 1. As a Democratic nation you should realize that more countries have F1 courses in their territory  than American series have courses in other countries, therefore we have been out voted. I love open wheel racing in all its forms. I have since I was kid. But as a witness of open wheel racing for the last 23 years, I have always noticed that F1 is in a league of their own and yes it is because of the technology, talent, and big budget along with international notoriety.

On a side note, don't even talk about Tony George being the savior for American open wheel racing. He was the one who stopped it from evolving to begin with.  (He) ruined open wheel racing and broke it in two, literally. If he had not had his famous trump card of owning the most famous race track in America, he would have been excommunicated from the racing world a long time ago. I detest the man with every fiber of my being. Don't believe Patrick (porcupine) Carpentier either when he tells you IRL is better too. He has never raced F1 so his opinion is biased, though I like the man and I consider him to be one of my favorite drivers to watch race.

In conclusion, American racing is great and nobody can take that away from us, so relax. We love to go in circles and that's fine. That's our thing. But don't presume to think its the best. In the world of racing, Formula 1 is number one. Rally car racing is pretty impressive too, but I digress. Perhaps in the future, the world will make room for both F1 and IRL to race as one, but that is only the stuff of dreams.
Sincerely, Mark Mendoza
PS: Yes the chick is there to be eye candy, her knowledge does not impress me. If she wants to represent open wheel racing then put down the lip stick and spit up some hard facts. Tell that other clown to take off the beanie and the shades while on the show, its SPEED network, not MTV. He looks like an aborted EMINEM. For the rest of you, none of your reporting or commentating impresses me in the slightest way. Work on it. Your show has only succeeded in one thing, and that's irritating me. Its unfortunate you guys get to be on TV with the lame questions you present to those you interview. I have seen your show only twice, and both times made me want to bitch slap the four you into the dark ages. Not that I would actually do it or anything, its just a feeling I get when I watch the show. 🙂