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Driverless RAceCar
I rarely comment on articles I read on websites. But that’s what I did this week after reading a report on driverless motorsports competition. That’s right; full-sized remote controlled cars competing against one another.

For some reason the idea appeals to me.

Current motor racing is cluttered with humans who want to sell me something like jeans or beer instead of advancing the technology of the automobile.

And worse, those humans bleat and blather for participant ribbons given for class wins or showing up to fill fields then park the car.

I like the idea of something that will further technology that might wind up in my driveway or computer one day. The idea sounds more than worthy.

We’re living in an age where college athletic scholarships and championships are being awarded for gaming and simulated competition.

Is it that big a step to consider simulated racing? Where we might learn something and advance technology that might make our lives better, more efficient and less expensive in the future?