This is the Statt Mann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

Once again Danica Patrick is an Indy Car lightning rod.  This week points leader Scott Dixon called Danica a menace on the track.  Others referred to her as a rolling chicane at Iowa last week.

TV analyst and ex-driver Scott Goodyear said he watched a tape of the race but didn’t see a problem with Patrick’s driving.  Obviously it’s not Danica’s job to make every else’s job easier. 

This open season on Danica started with her TV side show at Indianapolis where she tried to confront Ryan Briscoe following a pit row accident.  So, these are the numbers.  Dixon is the points leader so we’ll let that speak for itself.

Since Indy, Briscoe’s average start has been 7.5 with a win at Milwaukee.  Danica’s average start: 9.5 with a best of fifth at Texas.

The finishes favor Briscoe even more:  6.5 thanks to Milwaukee to nearly eighth for Danica.

Danica won in Japan but it seems Patrick’s fellow drivers have lost patience with Danica and Danica-mania.

I’d think this will continue as long as she’s in front of a TV camera or until she equals the hype and challenges for the win every week.  

But after last night’s Richmond carnage – NINE caution flags in 300 laps – maybe they all should get in, sit down, shut up and drive. 

Oh, did I say shut up and drive?