This is an email from GodzillaT2… hopefully a fan.  At least he'll stick around for a while to make sure he likes what he's heard so far!!

Thanks Godzilla, make yourself at home!

PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE don't be offended by any of this:

RUNUTS?  That is one of the most anti-speedfreak questions I've ever heard.  These guys are racers.  Racers race.  You ask any pro, amateur, or even wannabe driver or rider about racing any kind of vehicle, and most likely they'll respond with "sure, I'd love to try those cars/motorcycles/atom smashers that race in that other series!"  Look at Jeff Gordon in the open wheel car (can't remember if it was an Indy or Champ or F1 car).  Look at Jeff Ward, former bike racer, then an Indy car racer, now a Supermoto phenom.  The list goes on: Doug Kalitta and Ron Capps from the NHRA, Ken Schrader (the Superman of series-jumpin'!!!!!), and many more.  What next?  Should NASCAR tell Kyle Petty he can't ride that Harley anymore cause he might fall down go boom?  C'mon guys.  Dale Earnhardt is about as tough as anyone in NASCAR, maybe tougher.  To limit the activities of any of those drivers outside their most popular series, would be heresy.  Corporate America may want it, but does that mean we want it, or that the racers themselves want it?  Stock car racing in America has become about the fortunes of the sponsors and NASCAR Inc.  It needs to be about the drivers, the teams, the tracks and the fans. 

Turned you guys on tonight for the first time, and that question was the first thing I heard.  I'm stickin' around to help search for more intelligent life, feel confidant it will surface.  Thanks for the forum.