This is the Statt Mann baby, let’s Scatt a little bit.

Don’t believe all those NHRA supporters who preach that the IHRA is minor league drag racing or worse.

Lugg and I broadcasted from the Motor City Nationals last weekend at Milan Dragway outside Detroit.

And the show was spectacular.

If you don’t believe me, believe the tens of thousands who showed up to cheer the Pro Mods, the Top Fuel dragsters, the Mountain Motored Mustangs in Pro Stock and the women.

Pro Mod driver Von Smith’s Nurse, well, just believe that the men who were afraid to faint at the start line.  They wished they could have received medical attention another way!

I never believed the Forum Jackals who dismiss the IHRA.  If you know Clay Millican, Mitch Stott, Harold Martin or Shannon Jenkins, among others, you know they put up a pro show whenever they show up.

And since the NHRA doesn’t go to places like Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia or Canada, you realize there’s a place for those who do.

Remember!  Racing’s racin’, not hospitality suites or rude inaccuracies in Jackalville.