This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Sebastien LoebNine time World Rally Champion Sebastian Loeb won his second World Rallycross event Sunday in Belgium. The word rally might be the only thing the two disciplines have in common and Loeb is finding that out.

Rallying on closed sections of public roads called stages requires a level of self-restraint and control seldom seen in other kinds of motorsports. Rallycross can be brutal where you must punch your way to the front and fight to stay there against five or six others who have the same mindset as you do.

2017 Ken Block RallycrossFans love rallycross because of the rough and tumble atmosphere in a short five or ten lap race. Stage rallying can go on for several days on roads that disappear into places where you’ll never see human life much less fans and fan accommodations.

Rallycross is an incredible sport. And don’t be disappointed that it didn’t make it in America. The Global Rallycross Championship was poorly administered and didn’t have the sport at the top of its priorities list. The people who ran the activity were more interested in making money than they were about building a new sport in America.

Hopefully the FIA’s administration of the new Americas Rallycross Championship will take the time to build the sport instead of pounding the same stars into our heads until we SEE stars. Rallycross is well worth your interest.