Well, we went to Mexico.  Was anyone in America impressed?

How many Americans attended Sunday's Busch event? Did anyone understand the first five minutes? Did anyone tune in besides me?

Again this year I ask the same question:  Hello NASCAR, are you listening?  I sit here on Monday morning, unimpressed by Sunday's Mexico event, I took a nap during the race, a first for me. I did however wake up long enough to see an American Stock Car driver, Martin Truex,Jr., win the event, yea. Go Truex! 

I love this sport, I love the teams, every single one, But The corporate side of it, well they can bite it!  Come on guys, American cars, American Drivers, America's Pride!  It's not called the International Association for Stock Car Automotive Racing, It is called the National Association for Stock Car Automotive Racing. National, this nation, the United States of America. We, the American fans, support this sport daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, for years now.

Does NASCAR even care anymore? Do they care about the fans? Empty seats at California, EMPTY! I bet at Rockingham, there would not have been an empty seat, for any of the series. And if they want a new venue, I have one, Buy North Wilksboro, Spend some money to redo a great historical track, with some great racing memories, I have old tapes of races at N. Wilksboro, They are some of the greatest races ever. Or redo Rockingham, reopen it's venue, this sport is built on it's history, quit throwing it away!
Thanks again, 
Poet K. A. Steffek
Author of:"Poetry in Fast Motion"

Editor's note: NASCAR is short for National Association of Stock Car Automobile Racing.