As we watched here from Booneyville In, hubby and I laughed our asses off and really enjoyed the new Sat night show, better than the usuals. Great to see you all in with us fans, cuz we know we party hard out there in fanville and we want you all to join in on our fun too!

Don't be shy, stop by, join in the festivities!! I think I can speak for all of us when I say this to you all.

Hope you all find lots mo sponsors to fill in some more time, cuz half hour just ain't enuff! I'll find you all when you're at the brickyard, surely you'll come for that!! and don't forget the snake pit at the Indy 500 we wrote the book on how to play at a  race!!
Glad to see our home boy, Tony, this is definitely his cup of "beer". I hope he is a frequent visitor or even a hired one!
See you on TV,
Sandie Heiland-Jones
Retired snake pit participate~70's-80's
Lake Santee's biggest race fan
Greensburg In