If Hindsight is 20/20 then Toyota probably feels legally blind right now!

With the entire world watching Toyota’s debut in Nextel Cup…… Dave Blaney was "allegedly" the choice to take Toyota into NASCAR.  But something happened along the way.  Rumors have it that Mikey Waltrip… Mikey Dominos Pizza hawking, Aarons TV rental, NAPA auto parts carney… Michael Waltrip slid in under the garage door and dropped his "Price" to Toyota to be their flag-waving auto selling front man!  The Rest is history!

And soon enough, so may be Mikey!  Even his gamble of bringing in Dale "UPS" Jarrett has been a world class bust!  By race 10 of the NEXTEL Cup season Jarrett is ALREADY out of provisional starts, and can’t seem to qualify any easier than Paris Hilton can keep herself OUT of the National Enquirer!  In FACT. what do Aric Almirola, John Andretti, Boris Said, and Kenny Wallace ALL have in common?  And ALSO a guy named Blaney! 

But that may be unfair.  I believe you actually have to QUALIFY for a race to recoup the points you were docked for making a…… MISTAKE at Daytona in your very first race!

This Nuttz on NASCAR.