This is the Statt Mann, Baby. It’s time to Scatt a Little Bit…

There are still good stories in motor racing. I mean the stories where guys emerge from the ether and win events and championships.

One of the best I know of now is Michael Essa winning the Formula Drift title at Irwindale. That will remain the yardstick for good story until further notice. A privateer emerges and wins it all without factory support or a huge budget to pay the bills. He just got it done.

There’s another in the American rally championship. An Australian named Brendan Reeves came to the U.S. last spring to run one event to see what it’s like.

Five straight wins later he’s the American 2WD champion. I guess the phrase applies: “Pardon me Sir, can I have another!”

You know those commercials about Why do You Love Football…? Someone should do a series about Why Do You Love Racing?

And they should do it while we can still love racing before the ugliness of corporate greed and backroom money deals steal the pleasure from us fans.

Funny how they say they’re doing the racing for us with one hand and steal it from us with the other.