This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Lots of drama, competition and strategy in today’s Hungarian Grand Prix.

And largest headline might be Ferrari. They were so far from the leaders today that Lewis Hamilton was able to make a pit stop for new tires in the last 20 laps and not lose his second place position in front of Ferrari.

WLewis Hamiltonith those new tires, in fact, Hamilton made up nearly 20 seconds in those final 20 laps to win going away over Max Verstappen.

Max VerstappenIt’s easy to say that Verstappen’s race craft is now equal to Hamilton. Verstappen is the only driver in the series to finish in the top five of every race going into the annual August break.

But the pony in the pile is Honda. Verstappen’s Red Bull team uses Honda engines and Honda racing continues to shine after leaving McLaren two years ago.

The headlines after the break? Can Verstappen and Honda continue pushing Hamilton and Mercedes? And can Valtteri Bottas do enough to keep his job at Mercedes?