Listen… I'm not going to get into any more debates or cheering sections and instead I'm just gonna say it plain and simple…


Tonight is the finals on Dancing with the Stars and I feel like a proud Mama as Helio Castroneves, 2x Indy 500 winner, fence-climbin' IndyCar stud is there!!

Helio has danced his hot Brazilian butt off and is so deserving of the Mirror Ball Trophy! BUT, he can't do it without us… he needs your votes to get him that trophy for sure!

Will he dance well tonight? Absolutely and without question YES. But dancing well won't get him the #1 spot… your votes WILL!

So… tonight, during the show in your time zone, call 1-800-VOTE-409

AND, if you are an AT&T customer, text the word VOTE to 3409

THEN, all night tonight… ALL NIGHT TONIGHT and through Tuesday morning at Noon Eastern Time, vote with email addresses at It's easy to register and you get up to 5 votes per email. You can even make up fake email addys to give him 5 more votes… and 5 more votes… and 5 more votes… you get the picture.

Trust me, the power voting is how Marie Osmond made it to the finals… she definitely does NOT deserve to be in the finals, but oh well… what can we do about it now?

What can we do about Helio, however, is a completely different story… VOTE FOR HELIO all night tonight, race fans!!! He has represented the motorsports world soooo well, and we need to pay him back with a big THANK YOU by voting him to the top spot!

Go Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough!!

If you absolutely must debate me further, then click on my Helio Debate here: Helio is a Hot Dancer


Email me at CrashG@SpeedFreaks.TV

or, if you REALLY wanna get into a debate, check out Lugg Nuttz' column in the complete opposite direction (what in the hell is he thinking?):  Do NOT Vote for Helio??


OK, OK… to be completely honest, since voting can sometimes be speculative, I believe Helio Castroneves has already climbed a HUGE fence. He has made it to the finals… something I don't think very many people thought he could do… Helio, you should feel extremely happy whether or not you get that trophy as you have made us all proud with your excitement, dedication and excellent representation on the dance floor and beyond. In two simple words: Thank You!