Please… can there BE a bigger attention WHORE than Helio in his weak attempt at Dancing With the Stars glory? (The SHOW itself sucks… we ALL know that… but he takes whoredom to an ALL-time high!!)

Helio isn't even the best dancer in RACING… let alone ABC'S candied-ass attempt at Dance Fever!!  His credibilty was the FIRST to go by the wayside… and his side stepping, Gilligan-assed attempt at flamenco steppin was the WORST (…next to Re-Run's fat-ass from the old "What's Happenin" TV show!)

Personally, I am embarrassed at fence climbing (wannnabe) Fabio's effort!  Vote for Marie or the other girl… keep King Helio on the TRACK… maybe THEN he would focus enough on his REAL job enough to actually WIN a championship!!!  If not, at least he can always jump SHIP… like 77% of his open wheel brothers and try to STEAL a spot in NASCAR!!

This is your buddy Nuttz, (making friends) on NASCAR

Vote for ME at 1 800 who-cares !!!!!!

Dancing sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!