This is the Statt Mann Baby. It's time to Scatt a little bit!

The drama around Bump Day at the Indy 500 is always thick. Human emotions, technical changes, the rain, the deadline; they always combine for great television no matter where you stand as a racing fan. It's a real reality show.

Certainly this year was no different. One of the biggest headlining names in racing, Danica Patrick, was left waiting when rains came again just as she was about to start another qualifying attempt to get into the race. One of the back stories, her car was delayed in line because it didn't pass technical inspection in time.

More drama was unfolding moments before when Paul Tracy got into the race as the rains came on his final lap.  These are stars. They have legions of fans all over the world. They're great drivers. But they weren't guaranteed spots in the greatest of all races. In the words of the old commercial, they had to earn their way into the Indy 500.

It's so crazy to think that spots in a competition are guaranteed instead of earned. Now NASCAR is wondering where the young people are to carry on the racing on the track or in the grandstands. Those young people are on the sidelines – or going somewhere else – instead of watching all those old men creak around the race track with guaranteed spots in the race.

Why would young people sit and watch their father's brands and icons when they already know at least part of the outcome?