This is the Statt Mann baby. It's time to Scatt a little bit!

This was a big weekend for Friends of The Statt Mann.

We've talked with Bill Lester who won the Rolex GT race at VIR Saturday… his first major win and the first African American to win a Grand-Am race.

Bill is righteous people who left a high-tech career at HP to go racing full time and he hasn't looked back.

Drifter Tyler McQuarrie is more righteous people who finished on the podium in the Continental Tire Challenge at VIR this weekend.

This is proof that drifters are drivers too, in case you still had doubts.

And the big news you might not have heard yet.  Tanner Foust, the only man to ever win consecutive Formula Drift championships; won the European Rallycross round in Portugal Sunday; first American to get to say that.  It was the first anniversary of  Tanner’s debut in the European Rallycross Championship.

Tanner had the field covered all weekend winning two heats and he won the Final from the Pole.

I guess being a Friend of Statt Mann has its advantages!!

You ought to give it a try.