This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

About ten days ago we got the word that Ford and social video star Ken Block have parted ways. No real reason offered. But the move seems mutual.

Looking from the outside, it appears everyone involved grew and gained from the relationship.

But this is another step in Ford’s departure from motor sports and motor racing.

Ford announced these plans in December of 2015. It said it would set aside more than four billion dollars to work on electrifying its product line including its Mustang and F-150 trucks.

At Daytona Ford told The Freaks that no racing would be affected but then the electric Mustang hit the ground running about 15 months ago.

Since then, Ford’s left IMSA. It pulled the plug on World Rallycross. Now its left Ken Block, maybe its best sports marketing program ever.

I guess politicians are the only ones who’ll look you in the face, smile, and lie with the best of ‘em. More proof Ford’s in the car sales business. Not the car racing business.