This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

The ongoing Covid pandemic will play havoc with this year’s motor racing season just like last year. That’s when races were being canceled and sponsors dancing on the heads of pins because fan attendance was challenged everywhere.

Now, IndyCar is playing roulette with events. Supercross will bob and weave to get it’s 17 race season done.

CoronavirusSoaring virus cases in California will send people elsewhere looking for events and fans to watch those events.

And even the global Formula One series will keep its fingers crossed hoping to get its expanded season done. F1 was supposed to grow to 23 events this year. But the first race in Australia is already in doubt.

For me that’s depressing. Too many races cheapens each one. I’m sure the expenses in F1 will play havoc with cash strapped teams. And promoters who’ve spent millions to hold an event may quietly grouse about having another one in someone else’s yard just a week later. Think about it. Wouldn’t you?

Remember when we thought a vaccine would change things?