This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

More than 130 years ago a British Lord started the phrase: there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. In this instance, the phrase defines last weekend’s Nielsen numbers that said the NASCAR race had higher television ratings than the F1 race in the U.S.

But diving deeper, the numbers say the F1 race had nearly 50 percent higher ratings in the most desirable advertising audience the 18-49 year old viewers.

2022 Miami F1

Most certainly the F1 race was boring at a venue that apparently wasn’t designed to create excitement and keep the attention of the television audience.

You have to wonder why. F1 is owned by Liberty Media, a corporation that owns television networks. Liberty and F1 sell audiences to partners who pay with their sponsorships.

And this year the total audience numbers fell 38 percent year over year at Miami. Further, Liberty, F1 and the Miami Grand Prix should be concerned that the 18-49 demographic fell at least 12 percent from last year.

So, the larger issue might be this: is Formula One still growing in the TV habits of young U.S. viewers? Are they turned off by 250 dollar watermelon salads, 275 dollar nachos and 500 dollar tickets? Will we learn more at COTA in October? Or in Las Vegas in November?

F1 already might be facing a Drive to Survive in America. Lies, damned lies and statistics, indeed.

Buckle up, the spin between now and the end of the F1 season will be dizzying.