This is the Stattmann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

They’re scheduled to roll out an Infiniti Pro car tomorrow at Chicagoland Speedway to test a kid who makes a living driving Sprint Cars in the Midwest and spends his spare time working towards an Economics degree and then an MBA at Colorado State.

Geoff Dodge was relaxing on the couch watching the Speed Channel home alone when he learned about the IRL’s Fast Track to Indy competition last month at the Knoxville Nationals.

He earned the test by being the highest scoring, 18 or older rookie at Knoxville.  And he truly was a rookie having run a 410 sprint car only a couple times before his hot August night in Knoxville.

Now, if he does well in his test tomorrow, the IRL and Knoxville say they’ll look for some money to get Dodge a six race run in the Infinite Pro Series next season.

The rest is up to him.

You never know anyone after one conversation but if the test comes off… bet your bottom dollar Geoff Dodge will lose his blues tomorrow in Chicago… that toddlin’ town.