Hey I like the idea of a driver in Busch or Cup, out if they don't win in two years. But, I really believe we would have another CART situation if they did. We see drivers come in and try to make a good car go fast, and can't get closer than three or four tenths of the field. Not just anyone can make a Cup car go fast, but I believe anyone with the balls to handle the G-forces can make an INDY/CART Car go fast. They are computerized vacuum sweepers that have a place for the MAID to sit and ride. With Cup and maybe Busch, there is a strong loyalty/allegiance to a given driver that makes it appealing to sponsors to attach their money to him. They are household names, that cross generation gaps, and pull different demographic groups together.
Down in my GUT, I know I could run a Cup car. I don't have the money or name to make it happen and so I, like so many others, live out my dreams in the actions of our favorite drivers or teams.  Two years and out might have given me a chance but it would not be good for the overall growth of NASCAR. Just my personal opinions, feel free to chop it up-it's your show.
Valley Center, California
P.S. Cool show from the tractor pulls in Goshen, I am from Indiana and it brought back some cool memories of my early childhood. Good Job!!!