When you here this sound a-comin',
Hear the drummers drumming,
I want you to join together with the band,
We don't move in any 'ticular direction,
And we don't make no collections,
I want you to join together with the band.

            – First verse from The Who's "Join Together"

Alright, where the hell did I come up with this one?  It's a stretch but, not really. Maybe a tip of 99% proof would set you right for this read.

It came from Boris the Spider, another Who tune. And, it began to take form on a Friday afternoon from Long Beach, CA after another true to form visit from Boris Said in the Freak Nation.

What song reminds me of this true rock n' roll mo'sport renegade? Boris the Spider? Too easy. 

I did make the connection to The Who in that instance however, and ran with it from there. What favorite Who classic can kick me in the ass with a steal boot like an interview with Boris?

See the next verse of "Join Together"…

Do you really think I care,
What you read or what you wear,
I want you to join together with the band,
There's a million ways to laugh,
And every one's a path,
Come on and join together with the band.

Man, if this is not right on with the double-two-tap-duo-dance-team of the Freaks and Boris, then hold me down and call me granny…bitch.

You think Boris cares what you read or what you wear? Sh**. Bring the cold beer and a warm conversation and this guy will talk your arm off. You could have a bowling ball bag on your head and Boris would still talk to you like you were his short-stop in little league.

Did B play ball?

We Freaks have sat with the biggest, drank with the baddest and hugged the humblest drivers and riders on the earth.  But, if I had to jump off a bridge in a SpeedFreaks thong just to get a guy a Nextel Cup win, I'd swan dive, 'nad up, for Boris.

He's shared things with us that would make Maxx Hardcore blush.  Well, not really.  He just says it.

You don't have to play,
You can follow or lead the way,
I want you to join together with the band,
We don't know where we're going,
But the season's right for knowing,
I want you to join together with the band.

Boris has sung these lyrics in his noggin' time after time and didn't even know they were in that 70's Porn Star head of his.  You see, this adventure capitalist races through the Life 500 to the purr of his own Tecumseh, to the bounce of his own Gabriel Strider and to the Hick of his own Up. 

And I like it like that.

It's the singer not the song,
That makes the music move along,
I want you to join together with the band,

We have often said Said is the Fifth Freak.  He is.  But the more and more I think about it, he's why we, YOU, us do this thing. He IS the Outlaw. Damn, it's a front seat rowdy ride with our foot through the roof and Boris and his Freakin' Battalion say…

This is the biggest band you'll find,
It's as deep as it is wide,
Come on and join together with the band,
Hey hey hey hey hey hey, well everybody come on.

B will be back in both the TV and Radio SpeedFreaks Pits never too soon.  But first, I've got to find that 99% proof to toast the undisputed leader of his band.