There’s no guarantee that Jeff Gordon would have won 2 more NASCAR Nextel Cup titles if he hadn’t talked Team owner Rick Hendrick into HIRING Jimmie Johnson to drive the #48 Lowes Chevy! But it would have been one hell of a lot EASIER if Jimmie were still driving off road trucks in Chula Vista! For the 2nd year in a row, Jimmie has driven away from TMS AND Jeff Gordon with the points lead in the Chase for the Nextel Cup with 2 races left in the season. He finished off the #24, and the REST of the field to WIN the championship last year, and is in the cat bird seat to REPEAT this year.

The silver lining here is that Jeff and his new wife still OWN Jimmy-Bobby’s #48 sled!

At least for now.

Derek Jeter was A-Rod’s biggest cheerleader when The Hendricks of MLB threw all that cash at “Hands of Stone,” wimpy playoff stick Rodriguez. But after several years even THAT Broadway act got old.

Jeff Gordon May change the locks on the race shop for Jimmie-Rod and HIS team if he steals the championship champagne again this year. And who could BLAME him?? Why not have him move in to your house so he can date your wife, too!?

Jeff Gordon MAY be the BEST driver in NASCAR history… He is DEFINITELY the best race INSTRUCTOR in NASCAR! And now it MIGHT be time to dummy up!

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