This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Mazda Prototype

I love excellence and the effort to reach it. So, as a fan, I’m cheering for Mazda’s IMSA prototype program this week. After three years of trying to make it’s diesel engine work in a prototype, Mazda Racing switched to its tried-and-true four cylinder gasoline engine this season and it’s been moving to the front ever since.

In fact it was in front this weekend at Long Beach where it led a practice session Friday. But the team must have been truly satisfied Saturday when both prototypes were in the Top 5 when the Checkered Flag fell after the race.

After Friday’s practice sheets were released I texted a friend two words: Progress or Fluke? He texted back: progress. He could have added hard work. It’s not comfortable for a factory program to be at the back of the line race after race but that’s where Mazda was with the diesel.

I was cheering for the diesel program to work. Motorsports needs more successful diesel and bio-fuel programs especially here in the U.S. But Mazda’s four-cylinder engine already had an ALMS championship in 2011. Bringing it off the shelf made since. Watching it at the front of the field must be satisfying for everyone on the team.

Progress indeed: Zoom-Zoom.