This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

We’ll all be talking about the first Las Vegas Grand Prix for decades whether or not there’s a second race. For weeks, locals wanted it to go away and some drivers wished they were somewhere else all weekend.
2023 Lvgp
But Formula One officials – the promoters – showed their true colors: greed. Apparently, an untested track was opened for 20 of the most sophisticated cars and drivers in the world when it wasn’t ready.

Two million-dollar pieces of machinery were destroyed in the process. That practice session was canceled after only eight minutes. The fans who paid thousands for those eight minutes were thrown out.

For their inconvenience, they were given $200 vouchers for merch in the souvenir shop. In other words, they got access to t-shirts so they can brag about a bad memory. And to make matters worse, a two-page
release from F1 officials did everything but apologize for the mess.

Things didn’t improve until the race escaped from F1’s Deep State and was turned over to the teams, cars and drivers who knew how to do a race.

Don’t get caught up in manhole covers and cold, bad seats. This was a money grab and a portfolio play aimed at Wall Street. Global entertainment in the Nevada desert had little to do with a global race series and pre-race delays.

What happened this weekend wasn’t what was going on.