This is the Statt Mann Baby.  It's time to Scatt a little bit.

This is why I love true motor racing competition.  You never know what's going to happen. It's pure reality; Even more reality than reality sometimes.

Take the story of Bryan Bouffier at this week's Monte Carlo Rally.  Before this weekend, Bouffier had never even earned a point in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge, the series that sanctions The Monte.

But then Thursday, on a French mountain clouded in a blizzard, Bouffier drove carefully on studded tires to get through the storm.  The rally leaders, many ex-champions, picked intermediates and skidded through two stages of snow and ice.

Bouffier slid to the top of the standings.  The champions skidded to the bottom.

Down off the mountain and out of the storm clouds, Bouffier, the reigning French rally champion, cruised to the victory; his first points in the IRC.

Tell that to your local stock car series when someone tries to float a change in the way they count and keep score.

There's nothing ever wrong with a good old-fashioned race.