This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Formula E has been knocking down problem after problem since it started racing eight years ago. Open wheeled electric racing started off needing two cars to get each driver to the end of a race. The batteries were that bad.

But technology has advanced way beyond that. The cars can now reach 200 MPH with effective braking only on the front end of the car. There’s even energized spots on the track that drivers can use in their race strategy.

I’m told the problems now have to do with the racetracks themselves.

The Formula E series brings special systems to charge the cars during an event. The issue is not enough tracks in America have infrastructure to support an entire electric field through the weekend.

Maybe only two can meet those needs and that’s one of the reasons most of the racing is done on city streets where the power is.

Again, I’m told this too will be overcome like all the other hurdles cleared by Formula E. Manufacturers are standing in line to race electric cars. Because car makers want to race where their checks and technology are on display to sell you something.

That’s why they write those checks in the first place.