This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Something to remember as you finished up your Holiday shopping this week.

A teenage gamer from France, Lohan Blanc, won the eSports WRC Championship with a dominant performance in Germany, supported by Hyundai.

Blanc was fourth last year but look what a year of practice will do. He was virtually unbeatable this year in both the regular season and the championship.
WRC eSports
He used a simple PS4 controller rather than the wheel and pedal set-up favored by his competitors. He won by more than 16 seconds.

The competition featured three stages from Rally Portugal and two stages from Finland all digitized into the computer.

One was the iconic, hair raising 100+ MPH Ouninpohja stage won by Blanc.

More than five thousand gamers entered the eSports WRC.

Blanc won a Hyundai i20 road car for his efforts.

So when Mom says get off that computer, remember what’s at stake down the road.