This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Citroen this week said it would leave the World Rally Championship unless the series opens the door for some form of electric hybrid by 2020.

An executive said the company couldn’t see a manufacturer supporting something that doesn’t reflect what’s going on in society.

To that I can only say: Thank you!

The series should listen when Citroen speaks. It’s won nine WRC titles in a row with Sebastian Loeb. And it’s won two of three events this year with reigning champion Sebastian Ogier. That includes this weekend’s Rally Mexico.
2019 Citroen Mexico
Citroen said it’s working hard to meet carbon dioxide regulations in its road cars and it doesn’t want to compete with a product that doesn’t fit its brand.

This is more proof manufacturers are in racing to sell cars and not just its name.

Let’s hope someone’s listening at the WRC.