This is the Statt Mann Baby. It's time to Scatt a little bit.

As a rally driver, Robby Gordon is a great off-road racer. His challenge to the factory efforts of the Mini X-Raid team at The Dakar Rally is remarkable in its success against and its complete failure at knocking off the Mini program.

If it was to happen, this was the year. The big-budget Volkswagen effort was gone. And Robby’s Hummer effort included last year’s winner who reportedly brought several million dollars to Team Speed to apparently buy the ride.

For his money, Nasser Al-Attiyah got a Hummer HS that broke down often including the very first day.  When it did run, Al-Attiyah won two stages before withdrawing mid-week with a broken car and a teammate who evidently told him he wouldn’t have his back anymore after stopping to help at least twice.

I don’t know if Gordon had an illegal system on his car. The idea that putting a bolt in one end of the system disables the entire system is naïve at best. For Gordon’s sake, let’s say it’s all above board and he’s being persecuted by the authorities.

To launch into a profane attack on anyone who’d listen is pointless. Promising to win every remaining stage then breaking down the next day is comic relief.

Gordon once told me that he makes these bold competitive presentations to let people know he’s in business.
The issue now is what business is he in. Really.