As I do most every morning, I hole up with the LA Times, some warm sweetened java, my cats and peruse.  Very rarely do I venture into the California section of The Times but the title A Hero's Courageous Sacrifice had me.

More from the war in Iraq. But this time, it was really heavy man.

I will save my views on this war and spend the better part of this moment sharing with you Freak Nation, motorheads, and the like, a story of an immigrant from Mexico who sacrificed HIS life, body and family so others could go back and cry with theirs.

Take ten minutes and read this story (hit this link) from Tony Perry and Richard Marosi, Times Staff Writers.  They give us more insight to what is within our borders.  Heroes.

Like me, you may never miss a chance to salute the red, white and blue again at ANY track if only for Sgt. Rafael Peralta.

God Speed Sarge.