This is the Statt Mann Baby!! Time to Scatt a little bit.

I talked with 2007 Indy 500 and IRL champion Dario Franchitti at Daytona several days ago. Believe me he’s learning a lot in his transition to stock car racing in 2008.

“I certainly didn’t underestimate the drivers but I really didn’t quite realize how difficult it is. It’s one of those sports on TV.  Sometimes you see them running around on some track and you say ‘that’s easy’ but I assure it’s not.”

Everyone knows the star power of NASCAR. But few outside the sport give its practitioners enough credit for the skill set needed to be successful.

It takes a brilliant talent like Franchitti to bring that home.

I hope everyone is listening and watching as he starts down a road that up to now was a lot less traveled by Dario.

And it’ll be just as much fun to watch those of moderate talent try to keep up with Dario as he learns on the job on race day.