Tony… Tony… Tony…

What do we do with Tony Stewart, if anything?

Everything I’ve seen involving a Tony Stewart racing incident this season looks like a racing to me.

I know if you’re a fan of someone Tony’s taken out that’s not the case!

And it does seem strange that everyone wants to drop the lumber on Stewart while others are slamming into cars and everyone just says:  That’s a Shame!

I don’t think Stewart’s out of control.

I do think, however, that he started appearing under everyone’s spotlight when Joe Gibbs left NASCAR for the NFL.

Maybe Gibbs had the ability to just look across the garage at Tony and Stewart had so much respect for Gibbs that he kept himself in check.

With Gibbs gone… that look is gone with him.

Maybe the week off next week is the best news we’ve all had in NASCAR.

Maybe everyone just needs to get a grip!

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Enjoy the week off!!  And say hello to someone outside of racing, someone who might be sitting across the table at dinner this week!