Dads, sons and Grandfathers… all out celebrating today along with Carl Edwards' transporter driver… heck, everyone was happy!

Except for that gnarlified tick that has been getting his mail in the stinkified beard of Tommy Giacchi, Edwards' truck driver.  You know the story… Tommy "I ain't shaving my face 'til Carl gets another Win" Giacchi vowed to trim his Yeti-like man face parka only AFTER Carl brought home another Nextel Cup win… that was 52 races and 1.5 years ago.

All I can say to Carl is THANK YOU for today's win in Michigan!  I was starting to confuse Truck Stop Tommy with one of those Geico Insurance Cave-Men!!

But aside from bad clip jobs, racing, and early morning brunches, it's Father's Day.  Were you blessed to spend the day with, or speak to your dad today?  I hope so.

We all have memories of our Dads, Grandads and Step-Dads.  Mine are incredible.  I lost one of my Dads 14 years ago.  The other one is doing what he does best, and what I admire about him most… taking care of my precious Mom at a very tough time for Nuttz' entire family.

What memory do you have of YOUR Dad?  It's not how many things he's bought you, or how much money he handed you that counts in the end.  In fact it's not ANYthing your Dad DOES, it's who he IS that means everything when it counts.  My Dad never won a NASCAR race, but he's better than any driver that ever strapped in the seat.

Love you Dad.

This is Nuttz on NASCAR.