This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

The San Diego Chargers move to Los Angeles bothers me. Greatly.

FansIn the 80s I came to the realization that the real final score in professional sports is the bottom line. The real scam in the whole thing is convincing the fans they have a part to play in the entire vaudevillian process.

The fans in San Diego supported poor ownership and bad decisions for more than 50 years. They came and shouted and cheered and now are left with nothing but memories that are turning bitter by the minute.

I live in Los Angeles. I was here when the Rams left. I was here when the Raiders came and left. I was here when the Rams came back. And now the Chargers ownership wants its bite of the Orange.  You have to wonder about the intelligence of building two billion dollar palaces when fans all over the world are trying to figure out how to take their experience home in high definition, 3D virtual reality comfort.

Most LA fans don’t want either team. They don’t want hundred dollar parking. Nor TV blackouts. Nor twenty dollar hot dogs. Nor profane fans who drunkenly include you in their mania.

What’s this have to do with racing? Nothing unless you count ownership greed, fan contempt, and prices that build a barrier between the promotion and the spectator.

To coin a phrase: “Those deaf, dumb and blind owners sure play a mean shell game.”