Happy 2006 everyone!

Well, I am starting to get excited, The boys head off to Daytona next week for testing. Which means the Daytona 500 and the 2006 NASCAR season will soon be here. In my opinion, I get much more excited over NASCAR coming then any holiday.

The holidays are so stressful, I yearn for the sounds of 43 cars running hard, on a track somewhere in the United States. Just another reminder that America is truly the best country out there. The last year for NBC, As we the fans will wait and see if in 2007, ABC and ESPN can keep up with the great coverage we have come to expect. There's more then just money hanging on the line. There are millions of fans who will not tolerate anything but excellent coverage, and the guarantee that we will not miss one lap or Victory Lane. That the coverage will be from before, the green flag drops, and will not end, due to some stupid movie waiting in the wings!

But with a winner standing in Victory Lane, and seeing the interviews.  Fox and Speed channel will remain, Can I hear an Amen? They have, and we all know will continue to provide us with the best of America's Racing.  I look forward to seeing a retired and maybe more relaxed Rusty Wallace.

I will miss Ricky Rudd, and I am glad Mark Martin decided to stay ONE more year. And we all will try to remember who drives for who now. I wonder if anyone needs some NASCAR wear, A lot of drivers in different cars, my wardrobe may not may it without CPR! Time to go shopping!  I look forward to the 11th year of the Craftsman truck series, and hope some more money, and maybe a few more races will help bring this series the credit it deserves. Yes, that is a hint to NASCAR, I wish the trucks ran 30 events, 26 is not enough! I look Forward to the Busch series, I like those boys and the way they race.

And I welcome the new teams and drivers to the sport in all three series. There is a crop of rookies coming into the Cup series. I hope they remember that respect goes a long way here, and that they do not cause too many cautions. I want to see good, exciting racing this year. I want bumping and rubbing at Bristol, packs at Daytona and Talladega, and nose to nose finishes every week.

Okay, are you getting excited too?

I want to see 12-4-A a lot less this year.

Face it boys, The principal's office has plenty of room in it, and the line forms here,lol.  Let's try to stay out of trouble, maybe Smoke can hold a class in how a NASCAR driver should behave.

Well that's about it, my views, my hopes, my outlook. here's to what I hope is a successful year for me, you, and for all the NASCAR series out there.  Pull those belts tight.  The green's gonna fly 'Cos' this ain't no ordinary ride!
Poet K. A. Steffek
ONMC charter member
Author of: Poetry in Fast Motion and The need for speed in poetry
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