This is the Stattmann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

In another life I did a television program called The Business of Sports.

The tagline: The Real Final Score is the Bottom Line.  Or, You can learn a lot about winners and losers by following the money in sports promotions.

Not money as in resources but money as in who wants whom to win.

It’s a problem when sport becomes entertainment.  Entertainment is marketing where competition is, well, sport.  People normally win and lose in competition and not entertainment.

Last weekend I heard the reason why a friend wasn’t getting any more factory racing support. It seems his factory support was regional and the national office was supporting someone else.

Since my friend was faster than someone else, this factory couldn’t risk having him win the championship when all their money was behind someone else.

It’s not important who the players are.  What’s important is that you understand that The Real Final Score in Sports is usually The Bottom Line.

It’s a risk you take when the idea is entertainment and not competition.