This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Sebastian BourdaisGreat to see IndyCar back racing in St. Petersburg Sunday. Even greater to watch Dale Coyne Racing win with Sebastien Bourdais.

IndyCar is having trouble keeping teams on the grid. One of the strongest, KVH, shut the doors and went home in the off season. That freed Bourdais to go to Coyne. Other teams are merging and small teams are gleaning from the debris and jumping into IndyCar’s major leagues.

Dale Coyne has survived through the years by selling seats to drivers who show up with a sponsor and no car. This year, though, Coyne upped its game and signed Bourdais, one of the greatest names in American open-wheel,

It’s an expensive gamble. Bourdais can win races and championships if he gets the resources. He’s a hall of fame driver. His win today was emotional for all concerned. It proves you don’t need a printing press and orchards of advertisers to be successful.

This is only the first race of the year but Bourdais driving away at the checkered flag is a good sign for everyone especially when the win doesn’t cost an act of Congress.