This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Check out a great piece recently on It looks at why young people aren’t attracted to the pro ranks of the NHRA. And like with most things, the answer to all your questions is money.

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But this bottom line is different. Money is flowing into major league drag racing because the FOX TV package is growing. Sponsors like that.

But this piece finds some interesting comments from championship drivers in the Lucas Oil Sportsman categories. Some of those champions are spending enough to be successful in the spotlight.

But they’re enjoying drag racing instead of the business of drag racing.

They have the million dollar motor coaches and the million dollar haulers and the million dollar race cars and support team. They just don’t want to be road warriors crisscrossing the country. And they don’t want to navigate Social Media for sponsors.

They just want to go racing, win, have fun and maybe be home to enjoy life, their own businesses, and their family. It’s a problem facing most forms of motor racing.

Some just want to race and have a life at the same time.