Hollywood, CA (July 25, 2003) – SpeedFreaks' continued radio market domination now includes Indianapolis. The Freaks' debut its motorsports fist-of-fire-free-for-all this Sunday night @ 10 PM on the station with big enough juevos to handle the Freak Nation domination, News Talk 1430 WXNT…that's boss!

"To put it in the most positive terms I can find, motorsports coverage In Indy has been, well… (some kids may see this) …just really foul," says SpeedFreaks President Kenny Sargent. "Now that 'XNT has stepped up to house the country's biggest motorsports show, we will now re-educate the Indy Freak Nation through the SpeedFreaks' motorsports gospel."

"Growing up in Indianapolis, there were three definites," says SpeedFreaks Pit Crew member Crash Gladys. "Memorial day weekend's 5-0-0, shuckin' corn in freakin' August and just bad motorsports radio and TV talk. Well, guess which one is about to change?"

The radio demigods will blow it out for their Indy debut with the biggest name in NASCAR, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and NHRA Top Fuel pilot, Larry Dixon. Plus, what's an Indy debut without THE man that kicks off the Spring Indianapolis classic by singing Back Home In Indiana, Jim Nabors. To top this bad boy off, the Freaks we'll have Indy Racing League Chief, Tony George dialing into the SpeedFreaks Pits.

Racing hero Mario Andretti says, "Indy…SpeedFreaks are the only ones big enough to carry my jock strap…God help us!"

12-Time NHRA Funny Car Champ John Force says, "Good news for Indy, SpeedFreaks are the only ones to tell the truth and they are coming!"

Indy 500 winner and IndyCar owner Eddie Cheever Jr., "Motorsports in Indy will never be the same when my good friends, SpeedFreaks, land on NewsTalk 1430. Indy do not miss it!"

"You want another quote from me after those Freaks?," says Sargent. "Come on, Mario said it all. Now get out of here and let me get back to my beer. And Indy, you will not be deprived anymore."