This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

The Clown Show ignorance in Formula 1 is no longer a surprise.

A great season for Max Verstappen earned him his third F1 championship after the Saturday Sprint Race and his 14th win of the season Sunday in Qatar.

The race Sunday was affected by the two Mercedes teammates crashing into each other when Lewis Hamilton turned in on George Russell in the first turn of the race. Hamilton was sidelined for the day. Russell drove on to finish fourth.

In the cooldown room after the race Verstappen, Piastri and Norris looked at the replay of the accident and reveled in the Mercedes troubles. Verstappen called it the law of the jungle. A poor choice of words considering his background and the background of those around him.

In the moments after the crash Hamilton blamed Russell on the radio. The cesspool warriors in social media crucified Hamilton even as he was standing in front of cameras later telling reporters it was his fault.

I was a huge F1 fan, especially when Hamilton took over the sport with his first of seven titles 15 years ago. Now, though, it’s difficult cheering for rubber rules and rubber people that engulf the sport now.

But I guess it’s just the law of the jungle.