This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit…

I was bumping around the ‘Net the other day when I stumbled on a wild You Tube piece. It explored the seven craziest cars to ever race at Le Mans.

Cunningham Le Monstre Le Mans


You know I’m a sports car Freak but these brought a smile. I knew several, from the Briggs Cunningham Le Monstre, to the electric Delta Wing that Nissan tried in 2014, to the four-rotor Mazda that actually won Le Mans in 1991.

Mazda Le Mans Winner

I’ve heard four-rotor engines before and I think the sound is marvelous. Others just say they’re loud. But they said that about The Who, too, didn’t they?

You must be a motor racing enthusiast if you’re watching or hearing this. But even if your enthusiasm doesn’t include sports car racing, watch this piece on You Tube: Seven craziest Le Mans racing cars ever.

It’s an exploration of the human mind in the racing paddock. What engineers think will work can challenge credulity. Some engineers don’t think outside the box. They can think on a different shelf from the box.

And that’s why motor racing should be worth the culture’s attention.