This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Lots of troubling headlines these days but one that got through the darkness this week was word that Patrick Dempsey has broken through a ceiling in making the film The Art of Racing in the Rain.

Patrick DempseyIt’s been a passion project for Dempsey for maybe ten years. The book is wonderful. Dempsey and I talked about the story shortly after he obtained the film rights. It became a topic of conversation every time we saw each other after that.

Through the years there were problems with getting a script and director linked together. There were problems getting racing photography shot. But significant racing was shot last weekend during the IMSA stop at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park outside Toronto.

If you have a passion for racing like Patrick does, read the book. I did it in one afternoon and evening when a storm took out my power. It was worth the flashlight batteries! It’s even easy to suspend the disbelief of reading a story told through the eyes of a great dog named Enzo.

You have to wish someone you like gets their dream fulfilled. I want that for Patrick.