This is the Statt Mann, baby.  It's time to Scatt a little bit!

The finish at the 24 Hours of Le Mans this morning once again proved that racing isn’t always about speed.

Without question the Audis weren’t the fastest cars in the race but they filled the podium when the checkered flag fell Sunday.

Here’s a cliché: The winners tell jokes.  The losers say deal.  That would be funny if the failure of hard work wasn’t so painful.

The Peugeots were lightning fast taking the first FOUR spots on the starting grid.  The fastest Audi was FIFTH!

But the pole sitting Peugeot was out in the first two hours.  Pole sitter Sebastian Bourdais never got in the actual race.  The other three Peugeots blew up their engines and were all out of the race with 70 minutes to go.

The word is Peugeot had done 11 thirty hour simulations; one was 32 hours and all without engine problems.  But the final line: that’s why they run the race.

We always talk about the meaning for kids.  Well this is the ultimate cliché: the race isn’t given to the swift but to those who endure ‘til the end.

Let’s see that go up on the Peugeot bulletin board; and on the wall of every child’s bedroom.