This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

I’ve lost friends and people I’ve admired in motor racing after 23 years of doing this and more than fifty years of being involved in motor sports.

But losing Ken Block checked several boxes.

Next, friendship in my definition wouldn’t be the best word to describe our relationship. We knew and respected each other, and, in life, that might be the yardstick.

But I didn’t want more than that from Ken. He had multi-million dollar business interests that didn’t include me. He had family that didn’t include me.  And he had business partners that didn’t include me.

But I can’t get beyond this one fact. We respected each other. He made himself available to me when I asked. He smiled when he did it. And that’s not always the case in my motor racing experiences.

For that I liked Ken. A lot. Knowing I can’t reach out and touch him is a loss.

He’ll be missed greatly by a lot of people but especially his family. He loved them most of all.